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An enchanting story about a fish in a tree

Children have an unlimited capacity for imagination, and A Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt taps into that power in a modern fable about persistence, growth, and the power of words.

The story follows Ally, a middle school student who feels she can never get anything right. Despite being constantly told to keep trying, Ally is embarrassed to ask for help, and she’s labeled “stupid” by her classmates and even her teacher.

But when a new teacher arrives, he helps Ally understand that she is smart, capable, and often far ahead of her peers. With this newfound knowledge, Ally embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth, learning to trust the power of her own voice.

Unforgettable characters

As Ally’s story unfolds, she meets a wide range of memorable characters who help her along her journey. From her best friend Beth to her intellectual peers at school and her grandmother, each character brings a unique perspective to Ally’s story.

The unlikely hero of the story is a fish that Ally draws in the tree outside her classroom window. Her teacher encourages her imagination, and the picture of a fish in a tree soon becomes a metaphor for Ally’s own individual journey.

Teachable moments

A Fish in a Tree is filled with lessons that help readers understand the importance of self-confidence and hard work. Through Ally’s experiences, readers learn that there is no such thing as “stupid” and that the only way to succeed is to keep trying and never give up.

The book also touches upon the following themes:

  • The value of having a growth mindset
  • The power of words
  • The importance of taking risks and learning from mistakes
  • The power of friendship and family

The perfect story for kids

A Fish in a Tree is a story that young readers can easily relate to. Kids will be drawn in by the humorous characters and delightful narrative, while parents and teachers will appreciate the book’s valuable lessons about growth and self-confidence.

This classic tale is sure to become a favorite with kids of all ages.

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