a group of turtles is called

What is a Group of Turtles Called?

Have you ever heard of a group of turtles? Did you know they actually have a name? A group of turtles is called an “army”. An army of turtles sounds like something straight out of a children’s story. But it’s true, a group of turtles really is called an army!

Interesting Turtle Facts:

• Turtles have been around for more than 200 million years, making them one of the oldest living animals on the planet.

• There are more than 300 species of turtles.

• Turtles can live up to a hundred years old.

• Turtles are present in almost any body of water, from ponds and swamps to oceans.

• Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica.

• Some turtles can go for extended periods of time without eating or drinking.

Why Are Turtle Groups Called Armies?

The name “army” is derived from the behavior of a group of turtles. Turtles do not move in a single file line like some other animals, but instead they move together in a large mass or “army.” This behavior is likely used for protection from predators, as the large size of the group makes it difficult for a single predator to attack. Over the years, this behavior of turtles has become known as an “army” – hence the name!

Are There Different Types of Turtle Armies?

Yes, there are different types of turtle armies according to their size, habitat, and behavior. Some of the most common types of turtle armies include:

  • Beach Armies – These armes consist of sea turtles. They can be found on beaches around the world and usually consist of thousands of turtles.
  • Pond Armies – These are much smaller groups of turtles than beach armies, usually consisting of only a few dozen turtles at most. They can be found in ponds and swamps.
  • Land Armies – These are large groups of turtles that are often seen on land. They usually consist of several hundred to several thousand turtles.

No matter the type of turtle army, they are all an amazing sight to see. So the next time you’re out in nature, keep an eye out for an army of turtles!

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