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A&E Reptiles: A Leader in Reptiles and Exotics

A&E Reptiles is a leader in the exotic and reptile pet industry. With more than 20 years of breeding and pet keeping experience, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality animals, habitats, and supplies needed to make your reptile-keeping experience a success.

The Animals

A&E Reptiles offers a wide range of reptiles and exotics in both captive-bred and wild-caught varieties.

  • Captive-Bred

    A&E Reptiles puts a strong emphasis on providing exotic pet owners with animals that have been bred in captivity. Captive-bred animals have less stress and come with a host of health benefits.

  • Wild-Caught

    While A&E Reptiles puts a high emphasis on captive-bred animals, they also provide wild-caught animals. Careful selection is taken to provide animals that have been ethically sourced and imported with impeccable care.

The Supplies

In addition to the animals they offer, A&E Reptiles offers a wide range of supplies to support your pet’s home and needs.

  • Cages and Terrariums

    A variety of cages and terrariums are available to fit the needs of any reptile or exotic pet, from small critter cages to large custom-built enclosures.

  • Substrates, Bedding, and Water Bowls

    Reptiles have a variety of needs when it comes to substrates, bedding, and water bowls. A&E Reptiles offers the best substrates, bedding, and water bowls to meet those needs.

  • Habitat Decor

    A&E Reptiles has a variety of habitat decor to make sure your pet’s home is warm, comfortable, and visually appealing.

The Experts

A&E Reptiles puts their customer’s needs first and has a team of experts ready to assist you. Their team is comprised of herpetologists, biologists, and veterinarians who are highly knowledgeable in the reptile and exotic pet industry.

Whether you’re a new reptile owner or an experienced one, A&E Reptiles is the place to turn to for the highest quality reptiles and supplies.

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