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Are Bearded Dragons Solitary?

Bearded dragons are adorable reptiles that are a popular pet choice for reptile owners. These endearing lizards are typically quite friendly and enjoy interacting with their owners, which can lead to the question: Are bearded dragons solitary?

In the Wild

Though some bearded dragon owners are curious about socializing with multiple dragons, bearded dragons under natural conditions are solitary creatures. Bearded dragons do not hunt or forage for food in groups and may even become territorial during mating season; males will sometimes become aggressive towards other males in order to protect their territory and woo females.

A Lone Dragon

Bearded dragons kept in captivity should remain solitary in their tank or enclosure. These solitary dragons typically adapt better to captivity and can be more social to their owners and visitors. Housing multiple bearded dragons in one tank can lead to stress, aggression, and health problems as they compete for space, food and attention.

Tips for Owners

If you own a solitary bearded dragon, here are some tips to keep them healthy and content:

  • Plenty of space: Be sure to provide your bearded dragon with a large enclosure that has plenty of room to roam, climb and explore.
  • Appropriate temperature: Be sure to provide an appropriate temperature gradient within the enclosure so that your bearded dragon can thermoregulate.
  • Variety of Foods: Provide your bearded dragon with a variety of foods in order to encourage a healthy appetite.
  • Proper lighting: UV lighting should be provided in order to give your bearded dragon the necessary exposure to vitamin D.

In conclusion, a solitary environment is best for bearded dragons in both the wild and captivity. Owners should provide their pet with the necessary environment to remain healthy, happy and content as solitary lizards.

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