Are black snakes good to have around


Are black snakes good to have around?

Are black snakes good to have around Black snakes are typically harmless and often benefit their environment in a number of ways, if humans stay clear of them. They feed on a number of pests including mice, rats, and insects.

Reasons why black snakes are good to have around:



    • Environmental balance: Black snakes also eat many insect species which can sometimes be considered pests.


    • A natural predator: Black snakes are part of the food chain and their presence helps maintain balance in nature.


    • Beautiful to look at: Due to their glossy black coloration, black snakes are a sight to behold and can add beauty to any landscape.


However, not all black snakes are good to have around. Many of them are venomous and can pose a serious threat to humans and pets. If you see a black snake, it is best to keep your distance and call a professional if necessary.

On the whole, though, black snakes can provide a number of benefits and they are generally safe to have around, provided that people stay away from them. If you have an issue with rodents or insects in your area, the presence of black snakes can be a valuable asset.

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