are butterflies reptiles

Are Butterflies Reptiles?

When thinking of reptiles, certain images come to mind- they often have scaly skin, a long tail, and live in a variety of climates. Many people might be surprised to know that butterflies are not considered reptiles. Here are some differences that set these two animals apart:


  • Reptiles inhabit a variety of climates such as deserts and forests, as well as both fresh and salt water aquatic habitats.
  • Butterflies, on the other hand, prefer warm climates with plenty of flowers and lush vegetation.


  • Reptiles commonly eat smaller animals such as insects, mice, frogs, and even other reptiles.
  • Butterflies usually eat nectar from flowers or fruit, and some species of caterpillars may consume leaves or other vegetation.


  • Reptiles have dry, scaled skin, withstand cold temperatures well, and usually have an elongated neck and a long tail.
  • Butterflies have smooth and colorful wings, find colder temperatures unpleasant, and lack a long neck and tail.

From this comparison, it is easy to determine that butterflies and reptiles are two entirely different animals and are not related in any way. In conclusion, butterflies are not reptiles, despite the similarities in habitat preferences and dietary habits.

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