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Cats and Destruction

Cats can undoubtedly appear very loving and devoted to their owners, and can even help to reduce stress, but they can also be quite destructive! So if you are a cat owner, you’ve probably had to deal with a fair amount of destruction in your home.

What are Some of the Destructive Habits Cats Can Exhibit?

    • Scratching of furniture and carpets


    • Chewing on power cords


    • Knocking items onto the floor


    • Jumping on counters, shelves, etc.


    • Using the furniture or walls as scratching posts


It’s important to note that many of these behaviors are perfectly normal for cats, as they need to scratch and stretch in order to keep their claws healthy.

What are Some Tips to Prevent Destruction by Cats?

    • Keep the claws trimmed, especially for indoor cats who don’t get a lot of exercise


    • Provide plenty of scratching posts around the house


    • Ensure that all power cords are out of reach


    • Try to provide enough mental stimulation such as interactive toys, clicker games, etc. to help your cat stay occupied in a positive way


By keeping these tips in mind, you can help reduce the destruction your cat may cause in your home.

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