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Are Cats Destructive


Are Cats Destructive?

Are Cats Destructive Cats are very intelligent, playful, and curious creatures, but do they have destructive tendencies? Many people have experienced a cat tearing up their curtains and scratching furniture, but it’s important to remember these are natural behaviors for cats.

Natural Instincts

Cats are hard-wired with certain instincts – like scratching to keep their claws sharp and territory marking with secretions or their own urine. Unfortunately, furniture and even walls can fall prey to the cat’s need for scratching.


Cats are also very curious, and love exploring their environment. As their curiosity takes them around their home, they may accidentally knock over fragile items or pull items off shelves.


Playfulness is another natural instinct in cats. Running, pouncing and chasing is an important part of play for cats, and can lead to things being knocked over or moved around in the home.

False Blame

It’s important to remember that cats are hard-wired to act in certain ways, and it’s not their fault if they make a mess of your home! Rather than blaming the cat, a better option is to find ways to redirect their natural behaviors.

Redirecting Destructive Behaviors

There are several ways you can redirect your cat’s destructive behaviors.

    • Provide Alternative Scratching Areas – Make sure there are plenty of scratching posts available, using a variety of materials like sisal and cardboard.


    • Encourage Appropriate Playtime – Invest in interactive toys to keep your cat engaged and provide an appropriate outlet for play.


  • Introduce Variety – Keep things interesting in your home, by introducing new toys, furniture, and climbing options.


Cats can certainly be destructive, but it’s important to remember that these are natural behaviors. Redirecting these behaviors can help protect your home while also keeping your cat happy and healthy.

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