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Are Cats Destructive? What You Need to Know

Cats are quite popular pets, but there’s a debate as to whether or not cats can be destructive. Some people say that cats are too independent and willful to live peacefully with their owners. Others are sure that cats can be well-behaved with patience and proper guidance.

Cats Can Destroy Property

It’s true that cats can become destructive when bored or stressed, and can cause considerable damage to property. For example, cats can:

  • Scratch furniture and carpets
  • Chew on clothes, curtains, or any available material
  • Knock items off shelves or countertops
  • Climb bookcases, shelves, and other high places

Cats usually do these things out of curiosity, playfulness, or boredom. This means that owners must be extra careful with the materials in their homes to make sure that their cats don’t accidentally destroy anything.

Managing Destructive Behavior

When it comes to limiting both damage to property and frustration in cats, it’s all about providing cats with enough environmental enrichment and exercise. Owners should:

  • Make sure their cats get plenty of exercise to keep them fit
  • Recreate and challenge their cats’ natural instincts with toys and activities
  • Provide suitable scratching posts and other objects that cats can safely scratch, bite, and chew on
  • Spend time playing with and caring for their cats to satisfy their need for companionship

By addressing their cats’ needs for mental stimulation, attention, and affection, owners can ensure that their cats are less likely to become destructive.


Cats may be destructive when they become bored or stressed, but owners can reduce these risks by providing their cats with plenty of exercise, enrichment, and companionship. With patience and love, cats can learn to trust and become trusted, obedient, and well-behaved members of their households.

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