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Are Cats Narcissistic


Are Cats Narcissistic?

Are Cats Narcissistic There’s no doubt that cats are one of the most popular pets around the world. People love their independence and level of care, but sometimes their behavior can be mysterious and raise questions. For example, is a cat’s behavior narcissistic?

Cats Love Attention

One trait that cats share with humans is that they love attention. Cats might meow incessantly when they want to be pet, or they might rub themselves against your leg while you’re trying to do something else. All of these behaviors are signs that cats are seeking attention and love it when they get it.

Cats Live in Their Own World

Cats also can be quite aloof and self-involved. It seems like they’re living in their own world and the only time they interact with humans is when they want something from them. They also seem to do things on their own terms and often seem to ignore commands from their owners.

Cats’ Behavior is Complicated

So is a cat’s behavior narcissistic? It’s hard to say for sure since cats have a complicated and sometimes mysterious behavior. Some of their behaviors could be seen as a way of seeking attention and love, but other times, it can simply be a sign of enjoyment in their own world.


Overall, it’s hard to definitely say whether or not cats are narcissistic. They certainly love attention and they often seem to live in their own world, but it’s all a matter of opinion. What’s certain though is that cats are incredibly unique and entertaining pets, and they always manage to keep us guessing!

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