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Are Cats Reptiles


Are Cats Reptiles?

Many people are curious about whether cats are reptiles, since cats look quite similar to reptiles in both form and behavior. However, the answer is no – cats are not technically reptiles, although they are still related to them in many ways.

What is a Reptile?

A reptile is usually defined as a class of vertebrates that have a dry, scaly skin and typically live on land. Common reptiles include snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and turtles. All reptiles are part of a larger group called the amniotes, which includes birds, mammals, and other animals that have an egg or amniotic structure.

How Cats Are Related to Reptiles

Although cats are not considered reptiles, they are still part of the same larger amniotes group as reptiles. This means that cats share some characteristics with reptiles, such as laying eggs and having dry, scaly skin. Cats and reptiles also have the same type of four-chambered heart, which is a common trait among all amniotes.

Other Traits of Cats

Cats have several traits that make them different from reptiles. They are usually covered in fur rather than scales, and their bodies are not adapted for swimming like many reptiles. They also produce milk and have a two-chambered stomach, which is not common among reptiles. Additionally, cats are primarily carnivorous, while many reptiles are omnivorous.


In conclusion, cats are not technically reptiles, although they are related to them through the amniotes group. They have some traits that are similar to reptiles, but also several differences, such as fur, different stomachs, and different diets. Ultimately, cats are unique and distinct creatures that have their own place in the animal kingdom.

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