are chicken reptiles

Are Chickens Reptiles?

Reptiles have been a fascinating creature for thousands of years. From the dinosaurs to more modern reptiles, there is no denying their popularity and a certain kind of mystery associated with them. But are chicken reptiles?

What Is a Reptile?

In order to answer the question of whether chicken is a reptile, it is important to first understand what a reptile is. Reptiles are a group of animals that are cold blooded and covered in either scales, plates, or a combination of the two. Reptiles also typically lay eggs on land. Some of the animals included in this group are snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and turtles.

Are Chickens Reptiles?

Although chickens may not have scales or plates like some of their reptilian cousins, they are actually part of the reptile family. Chickens are a type of bird which falls within the reptile classification because they are cold blooded and do lay eggs on land.

Characteristics of Reptiles That Chickens Share

There are some other common characteristics that chickens and reptiles both share which further promotes the idea that chickens are indeed reptiles.

  • Cold Blooded: One of the most defining characteristics of reptiles is that they are cold-blooded. This means that they cannot regulate their own body temperature and instead rely on the surroundings to keep them warm. This is also true of chickens – they are not able to control their body temperature.
  • External Fertilisation: Reptiles also reproduce through external fertilisation. This means that their eggs are fertilized outside of the mother’s body. The same is true for chickens, whose eggs are fertilized outside of their body and then laid.
  • Amniotic Eggs: Another trait that chickens share with reptiles is the production of amniotic eggs. These are eggs that contain a yolk and a shell that protects the embryo from the elements. Reptiles and chickens both produce amniotic eggs.


To conclude, chickens are indeed reptiles. They share many of the same characteristics with their reptilian counterparts such as being cold blooded, reproducing through external fertilisation, and producing amniotic eggs. So next time someone asks the question – are chickens reptiles – the answer is definitely yes!

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