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are chipmunks good pets

Are Chipmunks Good Pets?

Chipmunks are undeniably cute creatures — they can easily win hearts with their winsome and chirpy sounds, and their fuzzy forms. However, they are wild animals, and while they can make enjoyable pets, they are not an appropriate choice for everyone.


  • Affectionate: Chipmunks are highly social creatures and can bond closely with their human caregivers.
  • Low Maintenance: Chipmunks don’t require a lot of exercise, and their small cages are easy to manage and maintain.
  • Cheerful: Chipmunks are active and playful animals – they can serve as an amusing addition to your home.


  • Nocturnal: Chipmunks are mainly active at night, and this can cause problems for humans by keeping them awake.
  • Picky Eaters: Chipmunks can be picky eaters and require careful diet plans in order to stay healthy.
  • Fragile: Chipmunks are delicate and can easily become ill if not properly cared for.

Whether or not chipmunks are good pets is ultimately up to you. As long as you are prepared for the commitment of caring for a wild animal, chipmunks can make wonderful companion pets. Because of their small size, they can be easily transported, and if handled regularly, they will grow to trust and bond with their human caregivers.

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