are cope’s gray tree frogs poisonous

Are Cope’s Gray Tree Frogs Poisonous?

The Cope’s gray tree frog, scientifically known as Hyla chrysoscelis, is a small amphibian species found in the eastern United States. This tree frog is loved for its unique voice and the light grayish-green color of its skin. But one question people often have about this little species is whether or not it is poisonous.

What Makes Cope’s Gray Tree Frog Poisonous?

Cope’s gray tree frogs actually produce a mild toxin as a defense mechanism when they’re threatened, although it isn’t strong enough to affect a human in any way. This toxin primarily serves to protect them from predators. For instance, if a predator were to try and eat a gray tree frog, the mild toxin would cause the predator to become ill, bad tasting, and it would likely be spat out.

How is the Toxin Transmitted?

The toxin is produced in the frog’s parotoid glands which are located behind the eyes. If the frog feels threatened, it will exude the toxin through its skin or in a milky secretion from its eyes, mouth, or even its feet.

Will it be Poisnous to Humans?

Fortunately, it is considered safe to hold a Cope’s gray tree frog and the toxin that it produces will not harm humans in any way. The toxin appears to be most effective against smaller predators and poses no threat to humans.

Overall, the Cope’s gray tree frog is not dangerous and you certainly will not experience any type of poisoning from handling one. With that being said, it is important not to try and keep them as pets or handle them too much as it can stress them out.

So, are Cope’s gray tree frogs poisonous? The answer is no – they are not poisonous or dangerous to humans in any way.


To sum up, Cope’s gray tree frogs are not poisonous and will not cause any harm or poisoning to humans if they are handled with care. While it may look intimidating, this little species produces a mild toxin as a defense mechanism which is effective against predators, but poses no threat to humans.

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