are corn snakes arboreal

Are Corn Snakes Arboreal?

Corn snakes belong to the species Pantherophis guttatus, which is a species of rat snakes and are found in North America. Though they usually spend their life on the ground, corn snakes can also climb trees, making them semi-arboreal.

What is an Arboreal Snake?

An arboreal snake is a species of snake that will climb trees and live in trees and branches. Some species are exceptionally adapted to life in the trees, while some aren’t.

Are Corn Snakes Arboreal?

Corn snakes are semi-arboreal. They are skilled climbers and they will often use their tail to secure themselves when climbing a tree or bush. Though they don’t live high up in the trees like most arboreal species, they do enjoy climbing branches and twigs. This gives them a good view of their surroundings and gives them the opportunity to hunt for food.

What are the Benefits of Being Arboreal?

Being able to climb trees has its advantages for corn snakes. Here are a few benefits:

  • Escape from Predators: Climbing in higher branches helps a snake to escape from predators on the ground.
  • Safety from Extreme Temperatures: Being in the air can provide a snake with protection from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Opportunities to Find Food: A corn snake will often use trees to hunt for mice, lizards, and small birds.


Corn snakes are semi-arboreal, meaning they will climb trees and branches but usually spend their time on the ground. The ability to climb a tree gives a corn snake a good vantage point and helps them to hunt for prey. Being arboreal also helps them to evade predators and keep cool (or warm) in the air.

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