are crested geckos easy to take care of

Are Crested Geckos Easy to Take Care of?

Crested Geckos have gained popularity with reptile lovers everywhere in recent years due to the fact that they are low maintenance and easy to take care of. Here is why they make great pets:

Low Maintenance

The most attractive part of owning a Crested Gecko is that they are low maintenance. They require:

  • A proper diet – a mix of a commercial crested gecko food and live insects
  • A suitable habitat – a tank with a warm and cool side, a humid substrate, branches and plants for climbing, and places to hide
  • Regular cleaning and monitoring of the habitat

Compared to other reptile species, crested geckos are a breeze to keep.

Easy to Handle

Crested geckos are not skittish or aggressive. They can be easily handled, making them great for people who want to develop a bond with their pet. They are also relatively hardy and resistant to disease and stress.

Cost Effective

Crested Geckos are quite inexpensive, costing anywhere from $25-$60. Once you have the tank and the initial supplies, they only require minimal maintenance and minimal costs to care for.

In conclusion, Crested Geckos make great pets for reptile lovers with their low maintenance care requirement and easy handling. They are cost effective and fun to watch as they climb and explore their habitat.

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