are crested geckos easy to take care of

Are Crested Geckos Easy to Take Care of?

Crested geckos are an intriguing, low-maintenance pet lizard that can make a great addition to your family. While they may require some effort in the beginning, they’re relatively easy to keep happy and healthy. Here are some tips for taking care of your crested gecko.

1. Setup the Right Cage

The first step in taking care of your crested gecko is to provide it with the right environment. You will need to choose a glass terrarium with a tight-fitting lid, as crested geckos like to climb. The minimum size for a crested gecko’s home should be 10 gallons. The terrarium should be filled with several inches of substrate, such as peat or coir. You will also want to include an appropriate-sized rock, branches, and leaves, as these will give you gecko hiding spots and places to climb.

2. Provide a Temperature Gradient

Crested geckos need to be able to find specific temperatures. To provide this, you should keep one side of the terrarium warmer than the other. The warmer side should be around 79-82°F and the cool side should be around 70-75°F. A basking light can be used to increase temperatures on the warm side, but be sure to monitor the temperatures with a thermometer.

3. Provide Good Lighting

Crested geckos are nocturnal and do not need UVB, but they do need a medium-intensity light that covers the tank. You should use a specialized reptile light, such as a basking light. This will create a warm side and a cool side in the terrarium and provide some natural daylight for your gecko.

4. Create a Humid Environment

Crested geckos need a humid environment, so you will want to mist the tank two to three times per day. This will create a good humidity level and help your gecko shed properly. Be sure to monitor the humidity level with a hygrometer and make adjustments as needed.

5. Feed Your Gecko Appropriately

To feed your crested gecko, you should provide them with a balanced diet of crickets, worms, and other insects. Foods should be dusted with calcium or vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure proper nutrition.


Crested geckos are easy to take care of when you have the right setup and a suitable diet. As long as you provide the right environment and nutrition, your crested gecko will remain healthy and happy.

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