are crested geckos friendly

Are Crested Geckos Friendly?

Crested geckos are small, beautiful lizards that make great pets. But do they make good companions? Many love the idea of owning a cuddly pet gecko, but are they actually friendly?

Temperament and Behavior

Crested geckos have a reputation for being gentle and docile. Most are relatively calm and don’t display any aggression. They are also active, inquisitive animals that can make good pets for the right keeper.

Interacting with Crested Geckos

Unlike other lizards, crested geckos usually tolerate gentle handling. They are not known to bite and will often stay still when handled. They can even become used to being in hands for short periods of time.

Because crested geckos enjoy interaction, they can be trained to take food from their keeper’s hands. This is an opportunity to build a strong bond between you and your pet.

Living with Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are relatively easy to care for, making them well-rounded pets.

In general, they require:

  • A Large Cage– keepers should provide their gecko with a large, escape-proof habitat.
  • Heat and Humidity– make sure to provide the correct levels of warmth and moisture for your pet.
  • Variety of Foods– Provide a variety of quality insect-based and plant-based foods to meet your gecko’s nutritional needs.


Overall, crested geckos can make great companions for the right keeper. They are usually gentle, docile animals who enjoy interacting with their owners. With the proper care and diet, crested geckos can live long and happy lives.

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