are deers and horses related

Are Deers and Horses Related?

Have you ever seen a deer and a horse and wondered if the two might be related? It may surprise you to know that, indeed, horses and deers have some things in common!

Family ties

Deers and horses are both part of the order of Perissodactyla, which is a group of mammals that all have an odd number of toes, usually three. They also belong to the same family, Equidae.

Similar characteristics

The two share many similar characteristics. Both horses and deers are herbivores, meaning they mostly eat plants. They are also both hooved animals, moving with a four-legged, galloping gait.

Distinct differences

However, there are some distinct differences between the two species. Horses are larger and more social, living in groups and herding together. Deers are much smaller, often solitary creatures and are better adapted to running for long distances in open spaces.


In conclusion, even though horses and deers are not directly related, they do have some things in common. They both have the same family name, order and diet, as well as similar gaits. But they also have some striking differences in their social habits and size.

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