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are dilute calico cats rare

Are Dilute Calico Cats Rare?

Dilute Calico cats are unique and beautiful animals. They are known for their cream, black and grey colored fur that has a pastel, diluted appearance. So, are these cats rare?

What Are Dilute Calico Cats?

Dilute Calico cats have black, grey, and cream colored fur. Unlike other cats, their fur lacks the normal intensity of color. Instead, their colors appear to be washed out. Dilutes usually have green or blue eyes.

These cats have a genetic mutation that dilutes the colors in their fur. The dilution is caused by the recessive gene “cd”. This gene is found in Calicos and those with a tuxedo pattern.

Why Are Dilute Calico Cats So Rare?

There are many factors that make Dilute Calico cats rare. The most important one is the genetics involved.

Dilution is a recessive gene. For a cat to be a Dilute Calico, both parents need to carry this gene. This is a rare combination and not something that can be easily predicted.

In addition, the gene must be transferred through two females. This gene only works through the female line. This means the female cats that carry the gene need to mate with males that also have the gene.

Are There Other Factors Making Dilute Calico Cats Rare?

Yes, there are a few other factors that make these cats rare.

There needs to be a lot of luck involved in order for two Dilutes to end up mating. It’s very hard to predict when and where they might find each other.

People may also overlook them because of their diluted colors. Since their colors are not as intense as other cats, they may be written off as being plain looking.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Increase My Chances Of Getting A Dilute Calico Cat?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will own a Dilute Calico. However, you can attempt to increase your chances:

  • Research: Learn as much as you can about the cats. Understand the genetics involved and find out where Dilute Calico cats may be most likely to be found.
  • Make Connections: Talk to people in the cat community to learn more. Connect with breeders or people who may know of Dilute Calicos up for adoption.
  • Be Patient: Dilute Calico cats are rare, so they may take some sniffing out. You may need to wait for the right one to come along.


Dilute Calico cats are rare, due to the genetics involved and the difficulty of finding two dilutes that can mate. If you are looking for one of these beautiful cats, research the breed and find out where you can look for them. Also, make connections in the cat community and be patient. Good luck!

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