are dinosaurs birds or reptiles

Are Dinosaurs Birds or Reptiles?

Dinosaurs were a successful group of animals that dominated the earth for about 160 million years, until about 65 million years ago. Over the years, debate has been raging as to whether these creatures are birds or reptiles. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence to determine if dinosaurs should be considered birds or reptiles.

Evidence for Birds

  • Feathers: Some dinosaurs, such as the Velociraptor, had feathers just like birds.
  • Bone structure: The long, slender bones of theropods (a group of bipedal dinosaurs) are similar to those of modern birds.
  • Flight: Some theropods had wings and hollow bones, which suggests they may have been able to fly.

Evidence for Reptiles

  • Scales: Many dinosaurs were covered in scales, which is characteristic of modern reptiles.
  • DNA: Studies have shown that dinosaurs are more closely related to modern reptiles than birds.
  • Lifestyle: Most dinosaurs were terrestrial and laid eggs in the ground like modern reptiles.


While it’s clear that dinosaurs had some characteristics of both birds and reptiles, the evidence leans towards classifying them as reptiles. The similarities between the skeletons of birds and theropods, and the presence of feathers on some dinosaurs, suggest that birds may have evolved from a subset of reptiles, including theropods. However, since the vast majority of dinosaurs were terrestrial and laid eggs in the ground, they are likely more closely related to modern reptiles than modern birds.

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