Are Dinosaurs Mammals or Reptiles


Are Dinosaurs Mammals or Reptiles?

The age old question: are dinosaurs mammals or reptiles? Dinosaurs are one of the most talked about creatures of all time and it can be difficult to answer this question. The truth is, dinosaurs were neither mammals nor reptiles.

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period over 210 million years ago and were actually part of a group of animals that includes mammals, but they are not the same. Much like birds, dinosaurs evolved from reptiles but they have a unique set of characteristics that distinguishes them from both mammals and reptiles.

The Reasons Dinosaurs are Neither Mammals or Reptiles

There are many factors that make dinosaurs unique, some of which are highlighted in the following points:
– Dinosaurs were not warm blooded like mammals, they had a lower body temperature and a slower metabolism.
– Dinosaurs had scales on their skin, like reptiles, but they also had claws, which mammals do not.
– Reptiles lay eggs, while mammals give birth to live young, but dinosaurs displayed both traits.


In conclusion, dinosaurs can not be classified as either mammals or reptiles. They evolved from reptiles but have attributes from both reptile and mammal species. Dinosaurs are considered their own group of animals, given the complexity and uniqueness of their species.

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