are dinosaurs reptiles or amphibians

Are Dinosaurs Reptiles or Amphibians?

The age-old question of whether dinosaurs are reptiles or amphibians has been endlessly debated over the years. It has been the source of research, argument and debate for scientists, students, and the general public.


Reptiles, by definition, are animals whose skin is covered in scales or tough plates made of keratin. This allows reptiles to conserve water in a dry environment. Reptiles are typically ectothermic, which means they rely on external heat sources, such as the sun, to regulate body temperature.

Most experts agree that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, and many of them are believed to have had feathers. This would indicate that dinosaurs were not reptiles, as reptiles don’t have feathers.


Amphibians are cold-blooded animals whose skin is slimy and lacks any scales or plates. They need to live close to water and they use it to help regulate body temperature.

Amphibians are also able to reproduce in water, while dinosaurs cannot. This would indicate that dinosaurs are not amphibians either.


So, what are dinosaurs? It appears that dinosaurs are neither reptiles nor amphibians. They probably evolved from one of the two, but their characteristics seem to be a mix of both.

The debate of whether dinosaurs are reptiles or amphibians is unlikely to ever be solved, as there just isn’t enough evidence. But what is certain is that they were unique creatures and were unlike any other land creatures seen on Earth.

Key features of dinosaurs

  • Warm-blooded (unlike reptiles)
  • Covered in feathers (unlike reptiles)
  • Inability to reproduce in water (unlike amphibians)

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