Are Dogs Or Horses Smarter


Dogs and Horses: which is Smarter?

Are Dogs Or Horses Smarter It is a debate as old as time and one that likely wont be resolved any time soon. When thinking of the phrase “man’s best friend” most people immediately think of their beloved dog and it is true that dogs are incredibly intelligent but that doesn’t necessarily make them smarter than horses.


Firstly, let’s examine dogs as animals who often have a very close relationship with humans. Dogs are one of, if not the, most intelligent animals on the planet, and they have been living and working alongside humans since the dawn of time. Dogs are incredibly loyal, they can be trained to carry out a range of tasks from retrieving items to aiding those with sight or hearing difficulties. Dogs can also be taught to recognise their owners and respond to commands.


Horses on the other hand, are highly intelligent and social creatures who, although not as closely connected to humans as dogs, are still incredibly perceptive. Horses can sense when something is wrong and often respond accordingly, in addition to being highly trainable animals. Horses can be taught to perform complex jumps, follow instructions and even compete in races or shows.


Both animals have their own unique skills and intelligence levels, however it is hard to determine which one is “smarter”. Dogs are incredibly loyal and more closely bonded with humans, while horses can learn complex tasks and recognise subtle changes in behaviour. In the end both dogs and horses are incredibly intelligent animals, and it is ultimately up to each individual pet owner to decide which one they prefer.

No matter which animal you choose to bring into your home, they are sure to bring a lot of love and companionship.

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