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Are Dubia Roaches Good For Bearded Dragons


Are Dubia Roaches Good For Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons are becoming increasingly popular pets. Besides a well-cared for setup and the proper diet, plenty of live food—like Dubia roaches—are necessary to give them the best nutrition. Here’s why Dubia roaches are a great choice for your pet bearded dragon.


Bearded dragons eat insects that are rich in protein and calcium. Dubia roaches are such a great choice for them as they contain a good amount of nutritional value. Most importantly, they boast of roughly 16% protein and 2 – 5% fat. Research has also indicated that Dubia roaches contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are necessary for the optimum health and growth of your pet.


Maintaining and feeding a group of live insects like Dubia roaches is less than a hassle. It’s very convenient, as they are nocturnal and can remain in their enclosure/container for as long as there is ample food and water available. Ideally, you should provide food every two to three days, and a water source (e.g. a moist sponge) once a week. What’s more, they can be kept in high temperatures, which helps to eliminate the need for a thermostat.


Dubia roaches are available in a variety of sizes, which would be suited to the size of your pet’s mouth. What’s more, when you need to feed your bearded dragon, you can easily pick the size of Dubia roach that would fit it best.

Are Dubia Roaches Safe for Your Pet?

Absolutely. Dubia roaches are widely regarded as safe for your pet, as they are not capable of biting or stinging. Plus, they are known to be clean feeders, unlike other insects, which could be contaminated by their environment.


In conclusion, Dubia roaches are a great choice for feeding your pet bearded dragon. They are nutritious, convenient, come in various sizes, and they are safe and free from contamination. If you are looking for an insect to feed your pet, then you should definitely consider Dubia roaches.

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