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are female bearded dragons smaller than males

Are Female Bearded Dragons Smaller Than Males?

Bearded dragons, also known as Pogonas, are a genus of agamid lizards that are natively found in Australia. They are popular pet reptiles due to their hardiness, docility, and relatively low cost. Bearded dragons come in many different sizes and shapes, and one of the main ways they differ is by gender. In this article we’ll discuss whether female bearded dragons are smaller than males.

Males vs Females: Physical Size

Generally, when comparing male and female bearded dragons, males tend to be larger than females. Many of their physical characteristics are larger in males, such as their body size, heads, and beards. On average, male bearded dragons can reach up to 24 inches in length and 12 to 13 inches in width. On the other hand, females generally only reach 18 to 20 inches in length and 10 to 11 inches in width.

Behavioral Differences

In addition to physical differences, male and female bearded dragons also exhibit different behaviors. Generally, males are more aggressive, dominant, and territorial than females. As a result, male bearded dragons may be more prone to fights with other males, while females are more likely to get along with other females.


Overall, when it comes to size, male bearded dragons generally tend to be larger than females. Additionally, traditionally male bearded dragons also display more aggression, dominance, and territoriality than females. Ultimately, individuals who are interested in keeping bearded dragons as pets should learn about their genders before making a purchase.

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