are ferrets legal in new york

Are Ferrets Legal in New York?

Ferrets, the amazing and playful members of the Mustelidae family, are a beloved pet for owners around the world. Though they are generally legal in the US and Canada, there are some limitations to owning a ferret.

In New York, the rules about ownership of ferrets have had a complicated history.

History of Ferret Ownership Laws in New York

Historically in New York, ferret ownership was illegal due to their classification as a wild animal. This ban was trademarked in the early 2000s and ferrets were labeled as a “wild animal hybrid.”

Fortunately, after a long battle, the ban on ferret ownership was lifted in 2013. According to the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, ferrets are no longer classified as wild animals, making them eligible for legal ownership and protection.

Requirements for Ferret Ownership in New York

Even though ferret ownership is now legal in New York, there are still some regulations to follow for ferret owners:

  • Vaccination: Owners are required to obtain a Rabies Vaccine for their pet. Additionally, they need to check local guidelines to make sure they abide by them.
  • Liability Insurance: Ferret owners must obtain liability insurance of at least $100,000.
  • Other Restrictions: Owners are responsible for making certain that their ferrets are not a nuisance or a danger to the public. Additionally, they must not allow their ferret to become a threat to the environment.

By following these requirements, ferret owners in New York are able to enjoy the company of their beloved pets.


Overall, owning a ferret in New York has become easier in recent years. By following the regulations and precautions, ferret owners can not only enjoy their pet but also know that everyone around them remains safe.

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