are ferrets legal in north carolina

Are Ferrets Legal in North Carolina?

Ferrets are popular pets in various parts of the world. In North Carolina, these furry mammals are banned and cannot be kept as pets, although a limited number of special permits have been issued by the state government.

Are Ferrets Legal in North Carolina?

No, ferrets are not allowed to be kept as pets in North Carolina. Under the North Carolina Administrative Code, ferrets are on the list of prohibited wildlife.

North Carolina Ferret Regulations

The law regarding ferrets state that the following applies:

  • It is illegal for any person to import, possess, or transport any live ferret in North Carolina.
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  • Ferrets are defined as the following species: Mustela furo and Mustela putorius.
  • It is illegal to breed, propagate, possess, or transport hybrids of the species listed above.
  • No special permits or licenses are issued to allow the keeping of ferrets as pets.

Are There Exceptions?

Yes, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services may issue special permits to keep ferrets at zoos and educational research facilities. Such permits can be obtained by visiting the department’s official website.


To sum up, the answer to “Are ferrets legal in North Carolina?” is no. Ferrets are not allowed to be kept as pets in North Carolina and there are no exceptions to this rule. Special permits may only be issued for educational research and zoo purposes.

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