are ferrets legal in ny

Are Ferrets Legal in NY?

Ferrets, also known as polecats, have been domesticated since ancient Roman times and are popular pets. But are they legally allowed to be kept as pets in the state of New York?

Why Are Some Animals Restricted in New York State?

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) DOES NOT ALLOW the possession of certain wildlife animals that may pose a risk to human health and safety or to the environment. These animals include foxes, skunks, raccoons, bears, monkeys, and wolves, among others.

Are Ferrets Legal in NY?

Fortunately for ferret fans, the NYDEC does not consider ferrets to be wild animals and, therefore, is legal to own a ferret as a pet in New York State. All you need to do is get a rabies vaccination for your pet.

Do I Need a Permit to Own a Ferret?

No. There is no permit or special license needed to own a ferret in New York State.

Common Questions about Ferrets:

  • Where Can I Get a Ferret? You should only obtain a ferret from a reputable breeder with a good track record of providing healthy, well-socialized animals.
  • Do I Need to Train a Ferret? Some ferrets can be skittish and easily frightened so appropriate and consistent training is helpful. Providing positive reinforcement and Lots of interaction and playtime are essential for proper socialization.
  • How Long Do Ferrets Live? Female ferrets generally live 3-5 years while male ferrets can live up to 8 years.

So, if you are planning to add a ferret to your furry family, you are in luck. Ferrets are legal pets in New York State and will bring plenty of love and joy to your life.

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