are frogs good for the garden

Frogs: A Gardener’s Best Friend?

When it comes to garden wildlife, few creatures are as beloved as frogs. But, more than just being cute and entertaining, are frogs actually good for the garden?

Benefits of Having Frogs in the Garden

Frogs can bring several benefits to the garden:

  • Pest Control. Frogs eat insects and other pest populations, such as slugs, ants, and mosquitos, that can damage garden plants.
  • Pollination. Frogs help move pollen from plant to plant as they hop around the garden, aiding in the pollination process.
  • Soil Fertility. Frogs feed on small animals like worms and spiders that help break down and aerate the soil, improving its fertility.

Creating a Frog-Friendly Garden

If you’d like to attract frogs to your garden, you should take some steps to create a frog-friendly environment.

  • Provide Places to Hide. Frogs prefer areas where they can hide and stay safe. Install rocks, logs, and other structures in your garden that provide good hiding places.
  • Keep the Garden Watered. Make sure to keep your garden watered and well-maintained. Frogs need moist environments in order to survive.
  • Don’t Use Pesticides. Pesticides and other chemicals can be harmful to frogs. Whenever possible, use organic pest control methods instead.


All in all, frogs can certainly be beneficial for the garden if provided with a suitable environment. If you’re looking to bring in some frog-friends, consider creating a frog-friendly garden that offers plenty of places to hide and feed.

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