are frogs reptiles or amphibians

Are Frogs Reptiles or Amphibians?

Frogs are a unique species of amphibian, belonging to their own class, Anura. This puts them in a special spot because they share some characteristics with both reptiles and amphibians, making it difficult to classify them as one or the other.

Amphibian Characteristics

Frogs share the most characteristics with amphibians. They have soft, moist skin which allows them to breathe oxygen from the water as well as from the air. They also must lay their eggs in water, and the tadpoles that emerge from the eggs have gills. Another amphibian trait is having four legs for hopping.

Reptile Qualities

Although frogs are amphibians, they also share some qualities with reptiles. Like reptiles, they are cold-blooded, meaning they are not able to regulate their body temperature like mammals can. Some frogs also have extra dry scales on their skin, another reptilian characteristic.


Frogs may possess some attributes of both reptiles and amphibians, but they are in their own category. To truly answer the question “are frogs reptiles or amphibians?”, the answer is neither. They are amphibians of the class Anura.

Unique Qualities of Frogs

Frogs possess many amazing qualities that make them stand out from reptiles and amphibians:

  • Unique coloring: Frogs come in a wide range of bright and vibrant colors, with some species even being able to glow in the dark.
  • Long tongues: Frogs have by far the longest tongues in the animal kingdom, with some species being able to use their tongues to hunt for prey more than five times the length of their body.
  • Changeable skin: A lot of species of frogs can change their skin color or pattern to hide or communicate with other frogs.

No matter what their classification may show, it’s easy to see that frogs are incredibly unique creatures.

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