Are Geckos Cold Blooded


Are Geckos Cold Blooded?

Geckos are rapidly growing in popularity due to their bright colors and fascinating biology. One area of curiosity is whether they are cold-blooded or not. Let’s explore this topic and learn more about geckos!

What Does “Cold Blooded” Mean?

Cold-blooded refers to animals whose body temperature is the same as their environment. These animals have a tough time regulating their own body temperature, and so are more often found in warm climates.

Are Geckos Cold Blooded?

Yes, geckos are cold-blooded. Geckos can be found in a wide range of environments and temperatures, and they regulate their body temperature by finding warmer or colder places.

How Do Geckos Adapt to Temperature Changes?

Geckos have some traits that allow them to adapt to temperature changes in their environment.

    • Thermoregulation: Geckos can switch between “hot” and “cold” zones when the environment changes. This helps them maintain their body temperature.


    • Adjustable Scales: Geckos have scales that can change color quickly, helping them blend in with their surroundings. This can help them stay cool in the heat or find a warm spot on a cold night.


    • Burrows/Nests: Many species of gecko build burrows or nests in areas that are an optimal temperature for them and help them regulate their body temperature.



Yes, geckos are cold-blooded animals and need to keep their body temperature regulated. They are able to do this through thermoregulation, changing their scales, and creating burrows and nests to help them stay warm or cool down. With these adaptations, geckos are able to live in many places and temperatures.

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