are geckos harmful

Are Geckos Harmful?

Geckos are an incredibly diverse family of small reptiles found in a variety of ecosystems all over the world. But aside from cute looks, do they have any other benefits or dangers?

Are Geckos Dangerous?

No, geckos are not considered dangerous to humans. They rarely bite and do not have any venomous glands or toxic saliva. That said, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened and may bite defensively. Geckos can also carry harmful parasites or diseases, so it’s important to handle them responsibly.

What Do Geckos Eat?

Geckos typically hunt for small insects, such as cockroaches, spiders and crickets. They are also partial to small lizards, frogs, snails and slugs. When kept in captivity, geckos should be fed diets rich in these ingredients.

Benefits of Geckos

Friendly and docile, geckos can make great pets. They don’t need much space and are relatively low-maintenance. Plus, geckos can help rid your home of pesky insects as natural pest control!

Are Geckos Good or Bad?

Geckos are generally considered harmless to humans and can be beneficial due to their insect-eating habits. They make great pets, though they require special care, and their presence can help control the insect population. As long as they’re handled responsibly, geckos make fun and rewarding companions.

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