Are Gerbils Allergic to Brussel Sprouts


Are Gerbils Allergic to Brussel Sprouts?

It is difficult to know if gerbils are allergic to brussel sprouts because, in general, gerbils thrive on a primarily vegetarian diet. They are woodland creatures that primarily eat grass and plant roots.

Given gerbils’ diet, it is unlikely that brussel sprouts would cause an allergic reaction in the animals. However, there are some important factors to consider before adding them to a gerbil’s diet.

Gerbils Should Always Eat An Appropriately Balanced Diet

Gerbils should always maintain a balanced diet. Vegetables make up an essential part of their diet, but they should also be supplemented with protein-rich foods such as insects. However, it is important to limit the amount of sugary or fatty foods to prevent obesity. An occasional brussel sprout won’t hurt, but they should not be the only supplemented vegetable offered.

Offering Gerbils Brussel Sprouts

Gerbils can be offered brussel sprouts. They should be lightly cooked before being fed to the animal, as raw brussel sprouts can be hard for gerbils to digest. Additionally, for gerbil owners who are concerned about allergens, it is best to introduce the vegetable one at a time to the diet, and watch for an allergic reaction. Of course, if the gerbil does display symptoms such as itching, hives, and swelling, then it is best to remove the brussel sprouts from their diet.

In Summary:

In summary, while gerbils do not usually experience allergic reactions to brussel sprouts, it is best to:

    • Maintain a balanced diet, where vegetables make up a modest part of the diet.


    • Cook the brussel sprouts one at a time. Raw brussel sprouts may be difficult to digest or cause an allergic reaction.


    • Watch for an allergic reaction. If the gerbil experiences itching, hives and swelling, then it’s best to remove the brussel sprouts from their diet.


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