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are green cheek conures good pets

Are Green Cheek Conures Good Pets?

Green cheek conures are small, lively and enchanting parrots that make wonderful pets. With their bright colours, entertaining personality and entertaining antics, they are not only beautiful to look at, but also a joy to be around.

Advantages of Green Cheek Conures as Pets

  • Highly intelligent – Green cheek conures are highly intelligent birds that are tipped to be one of the smartest parrot species. They are excellent at solving puzzles, picking up commands and learning tricks.
  • Very social – Green cheek conures are fantastic with people and are very sociable birds. They love to interact with their owners and will often greet them with chirps and cuddles.
  • Low Maintenance – Green cheek conures are relatively low maintenance, as long as they have plenty of toys and activity opportunities. They do not need complex diets, and a good quality food supplemented with plenty of treats is enough.

Disadvantages of Green Cheek Conures as Pets

  • Noisy – Unfortunately, green cheek conures have a loud screech which they may use frequently when they feel ignored or bored. This noise can be a major issue in some households, so it should be considered carefully before taking a green cheek conure into the home.
  • Can be Nippy – As with most parrots, green cheek conures can be quite nippy and will nip their owners if they do not respect them. It is important to provide proper boundaries and consistent training to ensure these birds know their limits.
  • May Not Bond With You – Green cheek conures can be incredibly loyal to their owners, however, some may not ever bond completely with you. It is important to remember that these birds can live for up to 30 years and should not be taken on lightly.

Overall, green cheek conures can be fantastic pets for anyone who is willing to invest the time and energy into training and socialising them correctly. With their intelligence, endearing personality and generally low-maintenance requirements,green cheek conures make wonderful pet companions.

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