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are guinea pigs smelly

Are Guinea Pigs Smelly?

Guinea pigs are a common house pet known for their fluffy fur, friendly personalities, and willingness to be held and cuddled. A main concern for potential guinea pig owners is the issue of pet smell. Are guinea pigs smelly?

The Clean Smell of a Guinea Pig Cage

Many people are apprehensive about owning a guinea pig due to the negative smell associated with other common house pets. Fortunately, guinea pigs are extremely clean and their cages should not smell bad. The cage should be cleaned regularly and spills should be wiped and vacuumed away. Regular scrubbing and washing of the cage will also help keep a guinea pig’s living area smelling fresh and clean.

Guinea Pig Odors

Although guinea pigs are not known for producing a strong odor, they will sometimes produce a smell when they are feeling stressed or scared. Guinea pigs also may produce an odor when urinating due to their glandular secretions.

Tips for Keeping a Guinea Pig Cage Odor-free

There are some simple steps to keeping your guinea pig’s cage odor-free and fresh-smelling:

  • Clean the cage regularly. Change the bedding, wipe and scrub the cage, and vacuum away any spilled food or waste.
  • Provide fresh water. Empty and refill the water bottle every day, and clean it regularly.
  • Remove uneaten food. Pick up any uneaten food, and replace it with fresh food every day.
  • Ensure good ventilation. Make sure the cage has adequate airflow and ventilation.

Overall, guinea pigs are relatively smell-free pets, and any strong odors associated with them can be easily avoided with proper hygiene and cleaning practices. With a clean, spacious cage and regular maintenance, guinea pigs can live happy, odor-free lives in your home!

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