are hamsters illegal in australia

Are Hamsters Illegal in Australia?

Many people in Australia own small pets such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, and even hamsters. But did you know that as of 2021 many of these furry friends are actually illegal in Australia? It’s true – while hamsters are generally a low-maintenance pet and beloved by many, in Australia, it is illegal to own a hamster.

Why Are Hamsters Illegal?

The primary reason why hamsters are illegal in Australia is because they are classified as an invasive species. This means that they can have a negative impact on native wildlife by competing with other species for resources. Additionally, they may also spread disease or be carrying harmful pests or disease-causing parasites.

What Are the Consequences of Owning a Hamster in Australia?

Owning a hamster in Australia can result in serious consequences for pet owners. If caught with a hamster, pet owners may face hefty fines, or even jail time. It is important to note that hamsters in Australia can only be kept as long as they are quarantined and approved by relevant authorities.

Is Having a Hamster in Australia Possible?

While it is illegal to own a hamster in Australia, there are some cases where the animal can be kept. Those who wish to keep a hamster must first apply for a permit from the relevant authorities and undergo a strict quarantine process. Additionally, pet owners must comply with biosecurity protocols and any other requirements imposed by the relevant authorities.


In summary, hamsters are illegal in Australia as they are classified as an invasive species. Pet owners must comply with the necessary biosecurity protocols in order to keep a hamster. Additionally, pet owners who are caught with a hamster without a permit may face serious consequences.

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