Are Hamsters Stinky


Are Hamsters Stinky?

Are Hamsters Stinky Contrary to popular belief hamsters are not smelly creatures. Unlike other small mammals, like ferrets or rabbits, hamsters usually only emit an odor when not cared for correctly.

The Myth of Smelly Hamsters

The myth of smelly hamsters is likely perpetuated by the fact that most people think of hamsters as rodents, which tend to be smelly, but they are not rodents. Hamsters are actually classified as small fur-bearing animals, similar to guinea pigs, gerbils, and other “pocket pets”.

Understanding Hamster Odor

In order to understand why some people might say “hamsters are stinky”, it’s important to know that there are a few things that can cause a hamster’s enclosure to smell. These include:

    • Dirty cages: Dirty cages are the number one cause of an unpleasant smell. Hamsters are clean creatures, so it’s important to keep their living space clean and free from stains, droppings and food debris. This will help ensure their environment stays fresh and odor-free.


    • Body odors: Like any other pet, hamsters can emit natural body odors. These smells are usually caused by glandular secretions and are usually not very strong. However, if your hamster is not groomed regularly, these odors can become more pronounced.


    • Diet: A hamster’s diet can also have an effect on their odor. Food that is high in fat and protein can result in a more pungent smell. To reduce bad odors, make sure your hamster’s diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and quality hamster food.


Preventing Unpleasant Odor

The best way to keep your hamster smelling nice is to provide a clean and healthy environment. Keeping the cage clean and providing nutritious food can go a long way in keeping unpleasant odors at bay. Additionally, grooming your hamster regularly is also important to help reduce natural body odors.


In conclusion, hamsters are not naturally smelly creatures. However, with the right care and attention, hamsters can still be pleasant pets that don’t give off any unpleasant odors.

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