Are Hedgehogs Allowed in Hawaii


Are Hedgehogs Allowed in Hawaii?

Are you planning to move to Hawaii but wondering if you should bring your pet hedgehog along? Understanding the pet laws in Hawaii is critical to knowing if your hedgehog can come along.

Hawaii Pet Restrictions

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) strictly regulates the importation of animals into the state. They recognize hedgehogs as “exotic” animals, meaning they are not native to the Hawaiian Islands and can be legally brought over.

Prior to traveling, you will need to contact the HDOA in order to obtain the proper permit to move your hedgehog. To obtain this permit, your pet will need to receive a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian and pass the health inspection done by a veteriaran when you arrive in Hawaii.

In addition to the HDOA regulations, each county in Hawaii has its own set of pet restrictions. Once your hedgehog has passed a health inspection in one of the listed airports and is officially permitted, you may need to obtain clearance from each county you plan to visit.

It is also important to remember that you may need to get a separate permit from the US Department of Agriculture if you are transporting your hedgehog from the mainland US to Hawaii.

Hawaii Pet Laws

Despite being considered an exotic pet and entering Hawaii legally, hedgehogs face limits in where they can live.

In Hawaii County (the Big Island), both water-dwelling and hedgehogs are restricted, meaning they are not allowed in this county.

In Maui County, hedgehogs can reside as pets in households but are not allowed outside in public spaces.

Tips For Moving to Hawaii With Cats, Reptiles, and Other Exotic Pets

Here are a few tips if you plan to move to the Hawaiian Islands with your pet hedgehog:

    • Start Early: Be sure to calculate the time it will take for approval for the permits and for a vet to examine your pet. This can take several weeks so start the process as soon as possible.


    • Keep Them Comfortable: Make sure your pet is in a secure, safe container when entering and leaving airports or other public places.


    • Know the Laws: Hawaii is strict when it comes to pet regulations, so make sure you research and understand the laws that apply to your pet before relocating.


Overall, with the right paperwork and permits, it is possible to move to Hawaii with your pet hedgehog. As long as you do your research and follow the regulations, your pet should be able to live with you in Hawaii.

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