Are Hedgehogs Clever


Are Hedgehogs Clever?

Hedgehogs are one of the most curious creatures in the world due to their ability to rapidly adapt to the environment they find themselves in. They are small, spiny mammals, easily recognizable by their porcupine-like appearance with quills covering their back. But do these creatures have the capability and intelligence that other animals have?

Cognitive Abilities of Hedgehogs

While not as widely studied in comparison with other animals, hedgehogs possess a few cognitive abilities that indicate they may be smarter than average. Here are some of these abilities:

    • Problem-solving skills: Hedgehogs are known to be able to solve complex puzzles and tasks, such as finding food hidden in a box or navigating mazes. This suggests that the spiky creatures may possess a higher-than-average level of intelligence.


    • Memory: Hedgehogs have been found to have an impressive memory, able to remember and return to areas where they have previously stored food.


    • Communication: While they don’t vocalize, hedgehogs use a range of body language and vocalizations to interact with one another. This includes purring and snuffling, as well as hand gestures and tail wagging.



The promising indications that hedgehogs have the same intelligence, or even greater intelligence, than other animals makes them remarkable creatures in their own right. While further research is needed to fully understand their capabilities, the signs thus far suggest that hedgehogs could be very intelligent animals.

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