are hedgehogs endangered in the uk

Are Hedgehogs Endangered in the UK?

Hedgehogs have become a beloved part of British wildlife and they have been in the country for thousands of years. However, urban development and intensive farming practices have put pressure on their populations and their numbers are now in decline. So, are hedgehogs endangered in the UK?

Decline in Numbers

The UK’s hedgehog population has been in decline for many years and estimates suggest that their numbers are now as much as two thirds lower than they were in the 1990s. Conservationists are concerned and have declared the hedgehog to be a priority species.

Reasons for the Decline

A range of factors are thought to be responsible for the dramatic decline in the UK’s hedgehog population. These include:

  • Intensive Farming Practices: Large-scale agriculture has reduced habitats and cut off natural corridors, leaving few places for hedgehogs to hide.
  • Lack of Food Supplies: Rising levels of pesticides and declining numbers of invertebrates, a major food source for hedgehogs, are leading to shortages for their food supplies.
  • Roads and Highways: As hedgehogs need to roam over large distances, roads can prove fatal and lead to significant numbers being killed in traffic accidents.

Conservation Efforts

Fortunately, conservation efforts are being made to protect Britain’s hedgehogs. Organizations like the British Hedgehog Preservation Society are running projects to help the species, while others are raising awareness of the importance of leaving hedgerows tall and unmanaged, providing essential nesting habitats. There are also a number of small initiatives, such as highlighting the need for wildlife-friendly gardens, making sure that ponds have shallow sides, and leaving gaps in fences to allow hedgehogs to pass through gardens.


To conclude, hedgehog populations in the UK have declined significantly in recent decades, mainly due to urban development, intensive farming practices, and a lack of food supplies. However, various conservation efforts are now being made to help protect and eventually increase hedgehog populations across the country.

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