are hedgehogs endangered

Are Hedgehogs Endangered?

Hedgehogs are among the bestselling pets in the United States, but are their wild counterparts endangered? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. As human population grows, so does our encroachment upon hedgehog habitats. This, combined with predators, has created a precarious situation for hedgehogs and their populations.

Recent Status

In Europe, hedgehogs are increasingly rare and some populations are near extinction. In the United Kingdom, they are one of the fastest declining mammals. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service assess hedgehogs in the US as not endangered, although their suitability to domestication makes their wild population difficult to track.

Habitats & Threats

Hedgehogs thrive best in woodlands, playing fields and gardens. They feed on invertebrates, fruits and nuts. Due to the loss of natural habitats and expanded cities, their grassland homes have been greatly reduced. They also face threats from predators such as owls, badgers and foxes.

What Can Be Done?

To help hedgehogs, there are a variety of things you can do:

  • Plant trees: Planting trees in your garden creates a food source and shelter for hedgehogs.
  • Avoid pesticides: Pesticides can drastically reduce their food supply.
  • Provide a water source: If you come across a hedgehog in your garden, consider providing a safe source of water.
  • Create habitats: Consider setting up hedgehog homes or hedgehog tunnels to provide shelter.

By taking some of these steps, you’re helping to provide a secure habitat for hedgehogs and, ultimately, helping their populations in the wild.

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