are hedgehogs fast runners

Are Hedgehogs Fast Runners?

Hedgehogs are a group of small mammals often seen in gardens in Europe and the United Kingdom. They are known for their spiny exterior and slow movement, but how fast can they actually run?

Hedgehogs’ Average Speed

In general, hedgehogs are not very fast. They run up to five miles per hour, which is considered to be a slow speed. However, they also have the ability to quickly adapt to changes in their environment and can scurry quickly when they need to.

How Do Hedgehogs Move?

Hedgehogs have four legs that allow them to maneuver quickly. They use their spines for protection, so when they need to move quickly, they keep their spikes tucked in and move quickly. They also use their noses to navigate their way around, which allows them to find food and shelter with relative ease.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, which means they are active mostly at night. They rely on their sense of smell to find food, as they primarily eat insects, frogs, worms, and other small animals. When they do find food, they are known to store it in their cheek pouches and carry it back to their den where they eat it.

Are Hedgehogs Fast Runners?

Overall, hedgehogs are not fast runners. They have an average speed of five miles per hour, which is considered slow for mammals. They are able to quickly adapt to changes in their environment, though, and have the ability to scurry quickly if they need to. Additionally, they use their sense of smell to find food and navigate their way around.

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