are hedgehogs good family pets

Are Hedgehogs Good Family Pets?

Hedgehogs are an adorable and increasingly popular exotic pet for families. But are hedgehogs good family pets? The short answer is: it depends.


Hedgehogs can make great family pets for the right family. Here are some advantages:

  • TheyAre Low Maintenance: Hedgehogs don’t need a lot of attention or space, making them ideal for busy families.
  • They Don’t Make Much Noise: Hedgehogs are fairly quiet, unlike dogs and cats that bark or meow.
  • They Are Easy To Feed: Hedgehogs can be fed with cat or dog food, and they also enjoy fruit, vegetables, and insects.


Hedgehogs may not be the right pet for every family. Here are some disadvantages:

  • They Have Needles: Hedgehogs have sharp spines that can cause puncture wounds or pinched fingers if handled too roughly.
  • They Are Nocturnal: Hedgehogs are most active at night and could make it difficult for some families to get enough rest.
  • They Need Special Care: Hedgehogs require special care, such as daily nail clipping, frequent cage cleaning, and a humid environment.

In conclusion, hedgehogs can make great family pets for the right family. They may require a bit more care than traditional pets, but they can be a unique and rewarding family pet.

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