are hedgehogs good pets to have

Are Hedgehogs Good Pets to Have?

Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular pets and many people are starting to wonder if they make good pets. These curious critters have many unique qualities that make them great pets, but there are also some considerations to keep in mind.

Benefits of Hedgehogs as Pets

Hedgehogs have a lot of advantages that make them great pets. Some major benefits of having a hedgehog as a pet include:

  • Low Maintenance: Hedgehogs are relatively low maintenance pets and they don’t require a lot of attention.
  • Alert: Hedgehogs are alert and have excellent senses. They are great at picking up on their environment and can be trained to come when called.
  • Funny: Hedgehogs are known for their funny personalities. They can be very entertaining to watch, and can show a lot of emotion through their behavior.


While hedgehogs make great pets, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Cost: Hedgehogs can be expensive and require a lot of supplies. They also need regular vet visits, which can be costly.
  • Space: Hedgehogs need a lot of space to keep them happy and healthy. Additionally, they need plenty of hiding spots and areas to explore.
  • Noise: Hedgehogs can be quite noisy, especially when they are startled or scared. They may not be the ideal pet for someone living in an apartment or shared living space.

Overall, hedgehogs can make great pets. They are low maintenance animals and can be quite fascinating and cute to watch. However, they do require some upkeep and space, and they tend to be on the loud side. Before getting a hedgehog as a pet, it is important to consider your lifestyle and whether or not you are able to provide the care and space that hedgehogs need.

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