are hedgehogs legal in louisiana

Are Hedgehogs Legal in Louisiana?

Louisiana is home to a diverse array of animals and plants, some more common than others. Hedgehogs are among the lesser seen, but are they allowed to be kept as pets? Let’s take a look.

What Does the Law Say?

According to Louisiana’s Exotic Animal Law, hedgehogs are classified as ‘non-domesticated’ and as such may not be kept as pets.

What Else Should I Consider?

Though legally, hedgehogs are not allowed to be kept as pets in Louisiana, it is good to consider the needs of these animals too:

  • Habitat: Hedgehogs do best in spacious, available living spaces. They enjoy a variety of toys and enrichment items.
  • Nutrition: Diet is important to ensure a healthy hedgehog. Quality meats, fruits, and vegetables should be available.
  • Vet Care: Like other animals, hedgehogs will need to see a vet for consistent care and check-ups.


In summary, hedgehogs are not legally allowed as pets in Louisiana. Although, if you are able to find one and provide them with their essential habitat and diet, they are potentially a rewarding pet.

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