are hedgehogs noisy at night

Are Hedgehogs Noisy at Night?

Hedgehogs are a popular and engaging pet to have in the home. They can be fun and relatively low-maintenance, which is why they have gained much popularity over the years. One of the most common questions, however, is whether hedgehogs are noisy at night.

Hedgehogs and Natural Noises

Hedgehogs in the wild often make noises at night, as they search for food, set up their homes for the night, and call out to potential mates. Though hedgehogs kept as pets in the home may not behave the same way, they still may make some sounds at night.

These noises are completely normal and not too loud. They may include chirping, snuffling, and even some short bursts of purring.

Alleviating Noises

If, however, you find that your hedgehog’s noises are too loud or disruptive, there are a few ways you can alleviate them.

  • Provide plenty of toys. Hedgehogs naturally like to explore their environment, particularly at night. Provide plenty of toys for them to interact with or pass the time. This can help reduce the likelihood of them making noise.
  • Ease their anxiety. If your hedgehog’s noises come from anxiety, consider providing it with calming scents in its cage, like chamomile. You can also leave a nightlight on or provide it with a new nesting box.
  • Allow them to sleep. Hedgehogs usually become more active when they’ve been asleep for some time, so try and give them plenty of time to rest.


In the end, hedgehogs are not typically noisy at night. If your hedgehog is making noises, however, it could just be a natural call or anxiousness. Consider providing your hedgehog with a few enrichment items and some extra rest to reduce its nighttime noises and keep your home quiet and peaceful.

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