are hedgehogs poisonous

Are Hedgehogs Poisonous?

Hedgehogs are a prickly pet that some animal lovers decide to keep as a pet. But do you ever wonder: are hedgehogs poisonous?

What Do We Know About Hedgehogs Venom?

Hedgehogs have quills which are stringy and sharp that cover their back in such density that it looks like armored layer. When threatened, hedgehogs roll themselves up tightly into a ball to present the quills to their predators or aggressors. It is thought that they might have a faint venom in their saliva, and they often bear a resemblance to porcupines.

Are Hedgehogs Poisonous to Touch?

The good news is that hedgehogs are not poisonous or venomous and they do not have any risk of transmitting disease when touched. Furthermore, they do not have any effect when a person chooses to snuggle and cuddle them.

Do They Short Out Electric Shock?

On the other hand, there is another myth about hedgehogs producing electric shocks by rubbing their quills together. This is part of the folklore about hedgehogs, but this myth can be debunked. Hedgehogs do not produce electric shocks and the myth is derived from their quills rubbing together when moving.

Are There Any Health Hazards When Owning a Hedgehog?

Since hedgehogs are not poisonous or venomous, there are very few risks involved when handling or owning one. However, they may scratch when they become scared or threatened, so some attention should be taken when handling them.

Also, hedgehogs need a diet rich in protein, and that includes mealworms, dried cat or dog food, and boiled eggs. They also need a habitat which is warm and secure, and plenty of things to play and explore with. Therefore, it is important to research a hedgehog’s needs before deciding to own one.


In conclusion, hedgehogs are not poisonous or venomous and do not produce electric shocks. However, they do still have specific needs that must be taken care of and they may scratch when scared, so exercise caution when handling them.

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