are hedgehogs prickly to touch

Are Hedgehogs Prickly to Touch?

Hedgehogs are some of the most adorable animals known to us. Their tiny snuffly noses and round faces make it difficult to resist their endearing features. But with the cuteness, many people wonder if they are prickly to touch?

The Answer

Yes, hedgehogs are a bit prickly to touch. While they have no problem walking around, they do have small spikes on their backs. These spikes are short, fine spines and are not as sharp as it might seem. If a hedgehog did not have them, they would not have much protection from other animals that could harm it.

What Actually Feels Prickly?

The spines on the back of a hedgehog are the main thing that feels prickly when touching them. Additionally, there are also smaller quills that can be found underneath the longer spines. They are softer, shorter and much less obvious than the back spines.

Soft areas of a Hedgehog

While hedgehogs have areas that are prickly to touch, they do also have softer areas.

  • Head, Chest and Tummy – These areas are particularly soft, smooth and quite pleasant to touch.
  • Toes – Hedgehogs have five toes on each foot, with small, delicate claws at the end.
  • Paws – Found between the toes, these areas are also soft and comfortable to touch.

Safety Tips

If you are ever petting a hedgehog, it is very important to be careful not to squeeze it too hard, as they can become stressed easily. Be sure to stay away from the prickly area on the back. Finally, wash your hands after petting to avoid any possible spikes!

Overall, hedgehogs are quite prickly to touch, but should not scare you away from enjoying their company. With the proper safety measures, you can enjoy petting and playing with these gentle creatures.

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