are hedgehogs spikes sharp

Are Hedgehogs Spikes Sharp?

Hedgehogs are small, prickly spiny creatures that live in gardens and woodland throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. When threatened they roll up in a tight ball, exposing their sharp spines that are all over their backs, neck and head. But are these spikes actually sharp?

Are Hedgehog Spines as Sharp as Thorns?

Hedgehog spines are hollow, made of keratin and are not sharp at all. They are much softer than thorns, however, they still offer protection against predators by making it difficult for the predators to get hold of the hedgehog. Although their spines are soft, some hedgehogs may still be able to puncture the skin if handled incorrectly.

Do Hedgehog Spikes Damage Carpets?

Hedgehogs have soft spines and they don’t have sharp edges that can damage fabrics such as carpets. However, they do have tiny claws on their feet which could cause damage to carpets and furniture. Keeping the claws trimmed can help prevent any accidental damage.

Are Hedgehog Spines Painful?

Due to the softness of their spines, hedgehogs are not painful to handle. If you do get pricked by a hedgehog, it should not be painful, just a minor discomfort. One thing to note though, is that some hedgehogs may carry diseases so wearing gloves when handling them is recommended.


To summarise, hedgehogs have spikes that are not sharp and can provide protection for them against predators. They will not damage carpets and should not be painful to handle. However it is still recommend to wear gloves when handling hedgehogs as they may carry diseases.

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